Part P Regulation

From the 1st Janaury 2005 with a few exceptions any electrical work undertaken in your home which includes the addition of a new electrical curcuit or involves work in your :-

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garden Area

must be reported to the Local Authority Building Control for inspection. This includes work undertaken professionally, by yourself or another family member or friend.

The ONLY exception is when the installer has been approved by a Competent Persons organisation such as ELECSA.

ELECSA installers have been individually assessed on-site to ensure that they operate to the highest safety standards. Upon completion D.D.E Services will advise ELECSA of the work done to be logged with all other UK installations. ELECSA then inform your Local Authority of the work and issue you with a confirmation certificate for retention with your property deeds.

You will be asked to supply this certificate if you come to sell your property.

Part P Building Regulation Document

Certification Document